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Our Story

Welcome to Clarity Capital Management

Clarity Capital Management was founded on the belief that everyone, regardless of level of wealth, should be entitled to objective financial advice that is free from the typical conflicts of interest that come from commissions and proprietary products. We also believe that a financial plan should not be created only to help an advisor sell a product that may or may not be in the clients best interest.

Clarity Capital Management is an Independent fee only financial planning firm located in Southwest Portland, Oregon. Clarity Capital was founded to help active young professionals, families and businesses achieve financial confidence. Being independent means we work directly for our clients, as opposed to representing a bank, brokerage, or insurance company. This allows us to consider all possible solutions for your planning and investing needs, instead of being restricted to a particular parent company offerings. As a fee-only fiduciary, our clients' best interest always come first, which is something that is of great importance. Ultimately, we are able to provide unbiased advice to the clients we work with. By separating financial product sales from advice, we can reduce conflicts of interest that face most traditional financial services firms, and focus on what is important to you and your goals.

Clarity Capital Management LLC BBB Business Review

Ryan Mohr Photo Ryan Mohr Hover Photo

Ryan Mohr

Principal & Founder


I started my career in Financial Services in late 2007 by working as a registered representative of a large Insurance company for about 6 years. I worked with individuals and families to help them with financial planning issues as part of a larger team. I also spent a fair amount of my time engaged in the portfolio management side of the business helping to create and manage investment models and trade accounts that were managed by our team. I obtained my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2011 as I felt it was important to earn this designation to show my knowledge in all aspects of financial planning and to be able to better position myself to help my clients.

After feeling the need to grow in my career and experience, I made the difficult decision to leave that position in 2013 to pursue a new career in back office operations within a local Broker Dealer and ultimately managed a team supporting independent Financial Advisory Firms around the country. Over my 4 years with this company I expanded my knowledge of the financial industry by learning more about securities clearance and operations, compliance, and about the independent channel of advisers that are growing in this industry.

While I learned a great deal in my last role, I began to miss working with people on personal financial planning and investment management. I also started to see a huge need within my own age group for objective financial planning advice as the Gen X and Y generations were growing their families, their careers were growing and life’s changes take hold. Generation X and Y is very much ignored in this industry due to not having accumulated the degree of wealth as baby boomers and older generations, therefore generally viewed by our industry as being less profitable. I feel strongly that this is fundamentally wrong and that everyone, regardless of wealth, should have access to quality financial planning advice. I knew that the best way to provide this service was to build a business tailored to this age group. By building an independent financial planning firm, I can focus on providing sound advice that is tailored to my clients individual needs, not the needs of an overarching company.

In my free time, you may catch me outdoors running or cycling, hiking or generally enjoying the outdoors of the northwest with my wife Amalia, and 6yr old son Adam!

Learn More About Me

Who's your favorite sports team?
I love College Football, and my team is the Oregon State Beavers!  I always look forward to fall and keeping up with games...which has been hard the past several years as they haven't had the best record.

What's your favorite beer?
I love craft brews and I feel lucky to live in a mecca of great breweries.  I specifically love IPA's.  My favorites are probably Breakside Wanderlust or Georgetown Bodhizafa.

What food do you like most?
Anyone that knows me well, knows I love tacos...any kind, doesn't matter!

What do you wish you could do more of?
Travel!  I love seeing new places, and would love to do more international travel, but between running a business and being a dad, it's sometimes a bit more difficult to do a lot of traveling at this stage of life.

Eric Thomas Photo Eric Thomas Hover Photo

Eric Thomas



I learned quickly in my first year working in the financial services field the importance of having a financial plan and a trusted advisor. It was 2008, the beginning of the financial crisis. At that time, I worked almost exclusively with teachers and public school staff as a registered representative and investment advisor. The time demonstrated that even with great public benefits, everyone should be thinking about investing in their future. 

In 2011, my wife and I made the decision to move west to Oregon. We had heard that it was a place where you could make a career, but also provided a different environment to enjoy other priorities like being outdoors and access to a great lifestyle, adventure, and community. I started working at a local Portland financial services firm that was home base for around 150 high end independent firms across the country. The firm provided insurance and investment products for the ultra-affluent.  

While working my way to senior management, I was able to earn other licenses to further my education and also learn intimately the pros and cons of how different practices operate. Most of all, working with many different small offices affiliated with the firm gave me the ability to understand some of the conflicts in our industry along with how individual clients may not understand how their advisor is getting compensated. 

After almost 8 years, I made the decision that working with clients directly was the direction for me. I earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and started working at a small financial planning firm in Portland. After being given the opportunity to join Clarity Capital Management as a fee-only advisor and partner, I decided to join Ryan Mohr and the firm.  

While not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Amanda, and four legged adventure partner, Cori. I enjoy backcountry skiing, long distance trail running, and all forms of cycling. Please don’t be surprised if I show up to a client meeting on two wheels! 

Learn More About Me

Who's your favorite sports team?
I grew up in New England. I’ll let you guess. Please be nice! 

What's your favorite beer?
Moving to the new beer capital of the world has helped nurture my love for the west coast IPA, but my New England palate favors all of the great new Hazy IPAs out there. If anyone finds some Heady Topper, please let me know! 

What food do you like most?
I’m with Ryan on this one...nothing beats an authentic street taco. 

What do you wish you could do more of?
Outdoor adventuring. When I am not working, I can not get enough of the Pacific Northwest outdoors. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place where you can ski a volcano in July and then spend the evening at a bonfire on the beautiful Oregon coast?