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Investment Management


Our Focus

Our focus is not on timing the movements of the market, but rather crafting long-term plans to meet your goals. Setting up and monitoring a portfolio is important, but even more critical, we help clients manage the emotions of investing. Many investors make the mistake of bringing emotions into their investment decisions, which can have detrimental effects on a portfolio. Our job during particularly good and bad market environments is to help you stick to your plan.  Much of this begins with defining and considering your individual risk and return targets

Investment Philosophy

We believe the primary goal in investing shouldn’t be to beat the market, but to harness the power of financial markets.  As such, we believe in an evidence based investment approach. We believe that making decisions based on evidence rather than predictions will give you the best odds of success. Therefore, our focus is on building evidence-based portfolios and adopting environmental and socially conscious strategies for those who want them.  We believe in keeping your investment fees as low as possible, rebalancing when appropriate and harvesting losses when applicable. We believe you should focus on the things you can control, like how much risk are you comfortable with, broad and global diversification, using compounding growth to its full potential and minimizing your taxes.

Portfolio Construction

Evidence-based portfolios are low cost, diversified across the globe, can incorporate the use of factors, and aim to capture market returns primarily through the use of low cost ETFs, index funds, and other broad market mutual funds. Additionally, Thoughtful and disciplined re-balancing of client portfolios helps keep investors risk tolerances in line and helps ensure clients stay invested appropriately over time.

Summed up, we focus on what we can control:

  • Creating an investment plan that fits every clients needs and tolerance for risk
  • Staying Disciplined throughout market cycles
  • Staying diversified
  • Managing investment expenses and taxes

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